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Adding an icon (favicon) to your Django app

16-Jul-2017 | Article | django

Knockout.js - loading and saving data from and to Django

16-Jul-2017 | Tutorial | AJAX JSON django javascript knockout.js python 3

Setting up Windows for Python development - Python 2, Python 3, Git , Bash terminal, and Virtual Environments

06-Jul-2017 | Tutorial | bash git python python 2 python 3 virtualenvwrapper windows

Deploying the Django project boilerplate to PythonAnywhere

16-Jul-2017 | Tutorial | bash django git python

Setting environment variables

09-Jun-2017 | Article | bash django mac os nano python

Setting up a Django project boilerplate

16-Jul-2017 | Tutorial | css django django-livereload font awesome git javascript python twitter bootstrap

Conventions used on tumbling programmer dot com

09-Jun-2017 | Article | conventions

About tumbling programmer

16-Jul-2017 | Other | general

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